Why you should drive home the Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO this festive season: We explain

Ever since launch, the S-PRESSO mini-SUV has been a super hit for Maruti Suzuki. This cheerful looking car continues to find thousands of buyers every single month. Is it because of the S-PRESSO’s mini-SUV looks? Or is it because of the fantastic ground clearance? Or does it have to do with the car’s peppy performance?

It is due to a combination of all these factors above, and then some more. Allow us to explain.

Lovable looks


Cheerful yet bold, that’s what the S-PRESSO’s design is all about. This combination comes together beautifully to make the S-PRESSO a standout presence on the roads. The twin-chambered headlamps, the SUV-inspired bold front fascia and the high bonnet come together to give the S-PRESSO very distinctive looks. The mini-SUV form factor is further bolstered by squared wheel arches running 14-inch wheels, a tall-boy design and a sculpted boot lid.

Punchy performance

The K10C petrol engine is the heart of the Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO, and the driving force behind the car’s peppy performance. Ultra-refined and tech-laden, this engine gets DualJet and Dual VVT technology. The petrol engine delivers a peak power of 66 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 89 Nm. These figures give the S-PRESSO a fantastic power-to-weight ratio, making the car very punchy on the road. The S-PRESSO also manages to deliver excellent fuel efficiency and comes with an ARAI certified mileage figure of 25.3 Kmpl (AGS variants). Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

The mini-SUV advantage

Why you should drive home the Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO this festive season: We explain

Fantastic ground clearance and a commanding driving position are the key highlights here. The S-PRESSO doesn’t just look like a SUV, it drives like one. The commanding driving position, with the bonnet being clearly visible to the driver, makes driving the S-PRESSO a breeze, and very SUV-like. And the ample ground clearance, with short front and rear overhangs, means that the S-PRESSO can take on everything that Indian roads can throw at it. You can even go off the road with the S-PRESSO and not get anxious about scraping the underbody. Versatility is taken to the next level with this compact powerhouse of a car.

A comprehensive set of safety features

Why you should drive home the Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO this festive season: We explain

Maruti Suzuki’s sturdy HEARTECT platform underpins the S-PRESSO, giving it a strong body shell to keep everyone safe always. The HEARTECT structure is made of high tensile steel and there are no less than 15 safety features working in tandem to make the S-PRESSO a safe and secure car. The S-PRESSO gets ABS with EBD, reverse parking sensors, Hill Hold (AGS variants) and speed warnings that work together to not only give the driver great control but also keep the driver informed about the vehicle’s surroundings. Then there are passive features such as twin airbags and pedestrian protection which gives the S-PRESSO an extra layer of safety.

Loaded with technology

Why you should drive home the Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO this festive season: We explain

Just like its cheery exterior, the S-PRESSO’s cabin is a happy space where technology runs things. The Dynamic center console with SmartPlay Studio infotainment system is the stand-out element in the S-PRESSO’s interior, and one that also packs in a lot of technology. The SmartPlay Studio is both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible. The system can be controlled by steering-mounted audio and voice controls – a best-in-segment feature. Another nifty feature that makes every drive memorable and convenient in the S-PRESSO is the AGS. Short for auto gear shift, AGS shifts gears on its own, allowing the driver to completely focus on the road – and this makes driving this mini-SUV quite effortless.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring home the Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO home this festive season, and truly ‘Live It Up’.