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BMW 7 Series - Coming Soon With Level 3 Auto Driving


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BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is about to take a leap into the future with Level 3 autonomous driving technology. This presentation explores the exciting developments in the flagship sedan's capabilities.

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What is Level 3 Autonomous Driving?

Level 3 autonomous driving technology, capable of providing hands-free driver assistance and control, operates seamlessly at speeds of up to 60 kmph, marking a significant milestone in automotive autonomy.

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BMW Personal Pilot L3 System

The BMW Personal Pilot L3 system is unveiled as a cutting-edge hands-free driving assistance technology, redefining convenience and safety in the world of automotive innovation.

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Initial Rollout in Germany

BMW's plan to introduce Level 3 autonomy in the 7 Series and i7 models is set to begin in Germany. However, there is uncertainty about the availability of this technology in the India-spec models.

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Optional Feature for Customers

BMW's approach is to offer Level 3 autonomous driving as an option, empowering customers with the choice to enhance their driving experience.

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Technology Behind Level 3 Autonomy

The Level 3 autonomous driving technology relies on multiple sensors and cameras that function effectively in various lighting conditions, according to BMW.

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The Evolution of BMW 7 Series

The current generation BMW 7 Series is already known for its luxurious and tech-friendly features. The addition of the Personal Pilot L3 technology further elevates its capabilities.

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Design Implications

The hardware required for Level 3 autonomy has design implications, notably the impact on the iconic kidney grille, where ultrasound sensors, radar, and 3D lidar have been incorporated.

Credits: bmw

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