By: Aquib Nawab

AI Generates Local Indian Road Scenes with Unusual Cars

AI Generated Scenes

Credits: Cartoq

1. Maruti Swift with a Jet Engine

One of our AI-generated images features the Maruti Suzuki Swift, India's popular hatchback, transformed with a massive jet engine protruding from its roof and doors, along with aesthetic enhancements like custom alloy wheels and a body kit.

Credits: Cartoq

2. Superman Driving an Auto-Rickshaw

Imagine the world's favorite superhero, Superman, not in his usual heroic duties but casually driving an auto-rickshaw through Indian traffic, creating a humorous and delightful image.

Credits: MS Dhoni/ Instagram

3. A Flying Ambassador Above the Taj Mahal

In this AI-generated image, two iconic Indian symbols, the Taj Mahal and the Hindustan Motors Ambassador sedan, merge as the Ambassador soars gracefully above the stunning heritage monument against a backdrop of magnificent night clouds.

Credits: MS Dhoni/ Instagram

4. Mahindra Thar with Tank Treads

Visualize the Mahindra Thar, a renowned off-roader, equipped with massive tank treads instead of wheels, promising unparalleled terrain traversal capabilities and an exciting fusion of rugged vehicles.

Credits: Cartoq

5. Bollywood Villains with Ambassador

AI's creative interpretation brings us images inspired by Bollywood villains, each with a distinct character, set against the backdrop of the iconic Hindustan Motors Ambassador, offering a unique twist on Indian cinema.

Credits: MS Dhoni/ Twitter

6. An AI-Generated Monster Truck in Kerala

Our AI was tasked with placing a monstrous vehicle on Kerala's roads, resulting in an impressive image of a massive retro-truck set against the backdrop of Kerala's lush landscape, complete with a local onlooker capturing the scene.

Credits: MS Dhoni/ Twitter

7. Superheroes and Indian Vehicles

Witness Batman in various intriguing scenarios atop a Hindustan Motors Ambassador, showcasing the limitless creativity AI can offer in merging superheroes with Indian vehicles, all while providing a touch of humor and imagination.

Credits: MS Dhoni/ Twitter

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