Used Mercedes Benz S-Class going CRAZY cheap: 6 month engine warranty included!

Here’s a used Mercedes Benz S-Class that’s selling cheaper than a new Maruti Alto. This super luxury saloon is priced at Rs. 4.25 lakhs, and the seller will even offer you a 6 month warranty on the engine and gearbox (under standard driving conditions).

Mercedes Benz S Class Used 2

The car is from 2005, and is powered by a 3.5 liter, naturally aspirated petrol engine that puts out about 360 Bhp of peak power and 349 Nm of peak torque. This engine and gearbox have been in use in a range of Mercedes Benz cars, which also means that sourcing spares for them will not be difficult.

The seller claims that the car is in excellent condition, and has been owned by two people. The reading on the odometer stands at 76,000 Kms, which is nothing for this bomb-proof engine-gearbox combination. Visibly, the air suspension – a major reason for maintenance expenses as the car ages – seems to be in good shape. You can directly get in touch with the seller here.

Mercedes Benz S Class Used 3

The S-Class is the flagship offering from Mercedes Benz, and has been so for years.  The car is known for its luxury, great build quality, comfortable ride quality and sure-footed road manners.  This particular example was imported into India through the semi-knocked down (SKD) kit route, and assembled at the Tata-Mercedes factory near Pune. It can reach a top speed of 250 Kmph, while the 0-100 Kmph sprint will take around 7 seconds, making it extremely quick. It’s rear wheel driven, like most German luxury cars of its time.

Mercedes Benz S Class Used 5

Those looking for a luxurious used car from one of the German brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi must know that the cost of spares can be prohibitively high. So, it’s quite important for you to choose a good luxury car mechanic to thoroughly check the car before purchase.

Mercedes Benz S Class Used 1

Also, maintaining such a car through a reputed local mechanic/garage who handles luxury imported car will work out much cheaper than going to Mercedes Benz’s authorised service centers. however, the key is to find a reputed mechanic/garage, who can also handle import of spares. With the growing number of luxury cars hitting the used car circuit in the bigger cities of India, many such garages that service luxury cars have sprung up in the past few years. So, finding one should not be very difficult. All said, buyers of such cars need to budget a few lakh rupees for emergency maintenance that may occur.

Mercedes Benz S Class Used 4