Top Reasons to Choose Tata Harrier as Your Next Dream Car

Ever since its launch, the Tata Harrier has been one of the most talked-about SUVs in India. With power-packed performance and appealing styling, the Harrier comes as an all-around package.

Top Reasons to Choose Tata Harrier as Your Next Dream Car

So, if you are planning your next dream car, read ahead to know what makes the Tata Harrier a compelling buy besides the importance of buying a well-rounded Tata car insurance plan.

Why Should You Consider Buying Tata Harrier?

Before buying a car, it is important to know about all the features and be sure about the one that you are choosing. Listed below are some of the points that make Tata Harrier a great choice for your next dream car.

  1. Driving Dynamics

The Tata Harrier has been built on the OMEGARC platform, which offers advanced driving dynamics. OMEGARC (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Architecture) has been developed in alliance with Jaguar Land Rover and is based on Land Rover’s D8 platform. This platform reduces vehicle weight considerably. In addition, the Harrier has been tested rigorously on Indian road conditions to suit consumer needs perfectly.

  1. Engine

Powered by Kryotec 2.0 L turbocharged engine, the Harrier comes with 4-cylinder 1956 cc manual and diesel transmission options. Alongside these, it has multiple drive modes like Eco, Sports and City, which you can opt for while driving in different conditions. Therefore, an array of drive modes and a powerful engine make the Harrier a top-notch performer.

  1. Build Quality

When buying a car, safety is considered one of the most important parameters. In this regard, the Harrier stands tall after scoring 6-stars in the Global NCAP crash test. The OMEGARC platform has improved the strength and build quality to ensure the optimal safety of passengers in the cabin.

  1. Design Language

Boast your new Tata Harrier’s flamboyance and sleek design. Manufactured on the ‘Impact Design 2.0’ philosophy, the Harrier has a muscular and dynamic road presence. It is not only the exteriors of the car that leaves an impact on the eyes. The interiors are also luxurious and feel premium when you step inside the car.

In addition to these, the Tata Harrier also packs features such as a seven-inch touchscreen, automatic climate control, panoramic sunroof, JBL audio system, cruise control, electronic stability, etc.

Why Should You Get Car Insurance for Your New Tata Harrier?

Even though the Tata Harrier has high safety levels, road damage may occur under unfortunate circumstances. Hence, having a car insurance plan will reduce expenditures during such cases. There are two types of cars insurance plans that you can get:

  • Third-party Insurance: Such an insurance plan is mandatory as per law, and it covers third-party damages (damages to third-party vehicles or individuals).
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive insurance is a highly beneficial policy as it covers both third-party and own car damages.

What’s Covered Under Tata Car Insurance?

While buying a car insurance policy, ensure that you research what the policy offers. Tata car insurance provides coverage against the following:

  • Accidental damages
  • Car theft
  • Damage from fire
  • Natural calamity-induced damages
  • Third-party damages

What’s Not Covered Under Tata Car Insurance

It is also important to know what your car insurance plan does not have under its umbrella. A Tata car insurance policy will not cover the following:

  • Damage due to drunk driving without a driving licence
  • Driving in a flooded area
  • Accidents caused due to indirect reasons


Car Loan EMI Calculator

If you opt for a loan while buying your new Tata Harrier, you can use a car loan EMI calculator to plan out a budget. Then, compare plans online to understand which one offers the maximum benefits and is best suited for you.

The Tata Harrier comes as a feature-loaded car with a high level of safety on offer. Therefore, it can be suitable for you in cities and highways. While buying a car, make sure you have a car insurance plan to protect your car and your hard-earned savings.