The Maruti Suzuki All-New XL6. A perfect blend of Indulgence and Technology.


The Maruti Suzuki All-New XL6 is a reflection of true indulgence. With technology and stylish exteriors taking the centre stage, the features of the XL6, right from the top model to the base variant have been designed in line with NEXA’s Crafted Futurism Design Language. The XL6 inherits traditional Maruti Suzuki virtues, that boast exceptional fuel efficiency and an engine like no other.

The expectations from the second-generation XL6 were high—after all, it had invented and led the segment from inception.

Does the new 2022 Maruti Suzuki XL6 meet the expectations?

Yes. On the outside, the original’s rugged looks get an uplift with dollops of chrome and a suave LED Headlamp cluster. On the inside, its cutting-edge tech meets plush finish. The new engine is fun, refined and frugal—all at the same time.

Evidently, there is a lot to be excited about XL6. We pick our Top 5 things that make the 2022 XL6 a worthy successor to the Gen 1 avatar.

Indulgent and stylish

The Maruti Suzuki All-New XL6. A perfect blend of Indulgence and Technology.

This is the first thing you’d notice about the XL6—it makes you acknowledge its presence with its indulgent appearance. The expressive Bold Front Grille with Sweeping X-Bar Element, and Quad Chamber LED Reflector Headlamps give the XL6’s front-end an outstanding appeal. The Smoke Grey LED Tail Lamps with Light Guide, Back Door Spoiler, Roof Rails and Shark Fin Antenna are sure to get one’s attention even on the busiest of roads, combine that with the stunning Dual-Tone Machined-Finish R-16 Alloy and you have got the right mix for a car that can leave you spellbound.

Superior comfort

Comfort takes a big leap- the driver and front passenger get Ventilated Seats that leave one cool and comfortable, no matter what the temperature outside. Those in the second row get large, well-bolstered Captain Seats with good under-thigh and side support—you can enjoy the winding mountain roads without being thrown around while having a perfect view from the windshield. The last row—normally suitable only for kids in most vehicles—has a surprising amount of space and would be comfy for everyone except the exceptionally tall people. Add Air-Cooled Twin Cup Holders, U-cut glass, 2nd Row Roof Mounted AC with 3 stage Speed Control and strategically placed charging points and you have practicality wrapped in luxury.

Packed with technology

The XL6 gets a technology boost too. On the mechanical side, it gets a 6-speed AT with Paddle Shifters. For those who put convenience first, it has an auto mode but can switch to Paddle Shifters when one is feeling a bit sportier than usual.

On the electronics front, the big addition is the 360 View Camera that makes parking very easy. The Suzuki Connect Advanced Telematics Technology allows you to track the car on your smartphone and even your smartwatch. That’s not all – you can even start the car remotely through your smartphone or smartwatch, and even turn on the air conditioning so that your XL6 has ambient temperature inside when you get into the car. One can check fuel status, battery status, and door lock status, all thanks to Suzuki Connect. Going a step forward, Suzuki Connect will even send out emergency notifications during a mishap and notify you when your vehicle is towed. The XL6 is truly a technological tour de force on wheels.

Safer than ever

The pursuit of safety is a never-ending journey. For instance, the build-out of excellent highways has upped the average speeds at which cars travel. Improper tyre pressure can be fatal—many accidents are caused by the heating and bursting of tyres. Hence, the  XL6 comes with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System with several other safety features like Quad Airbags (Dual Front + Dual Front Seat Side), Electronic Stability Program, Hill Hold Assist, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist—all underpinned by a highly rigid and strong Heartect Platform with Pedestrian Protection Compliance, Full Frontal Impact Compliance, Frontal Offset Compliance and Side Impact Compliance. Overspeed alert warning and seatbelt warning features make sure that some common mistakes are avoided. Taking those long road trips just got a whole lot safer thanks to the XL6’s excellent attention to safety features.

In a nutshell, the Maruti Suzuki All-New XL6’s combination of a rugged design, premium finish, indulgence, comfort, and comprehensive safety features makes it a cross-over that’s hard to beat in its segment.

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