Rusting Maruti Swift restored to look and feel brand new

Maruti Swift is one of the most popular mid size hatchbacks sold in the country. It is one such car that is popular among all age group buyers. The main reason behind this is the design. Maruti has been constantly putting efforts to keep Swift updated so that it appeals to the younger generation buyers while the older generation buyers are happy with the fuel economy and low cost of maintenance. The Maruti Swift has been a popular car in the modification circles and we have seen several tastefully modified Swifts in the past. Here we have a video that shows how an old and rusting Maruti Swift is beautifully restored to look like brand new.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing how the car looked like before. The car was in bad condition with multiple dents and scratches at several parts. The paint job on the car had also started to fade away and several parts had also started to rust.

CarzSpa who did the restoration work on this hatchback start by correcting all the dents on the car. As per the anchor, there were almost 100 plus dents on the car and because there were so many dents, they had to use filler and putty to give it a shape. Once the filler and putty was applied, the putty was sanded out for an even look.

Rusting Maruti Swift restored to look and feel brand new

Once all the parts are evenly sanded, a coat of primer is sprayed on the whole car. parts like the hood, doors, door handles, boot are all taken down and are painted separately to get a better finish. Swift gets the same red paint job as before. A skilled professional then spray paints the whole car. Anti rust coating is also sprayed on the underbody of the car.

The whole car is painted in red and after that, a layer of clear coat is sprayed to give it a smooth finish. Once all the painting work is done, the car is polished. All the parts used in the car are the same as before, except for the front and rear bumpers. They are new as the older ones were damaged very badly. The final product looks amazing and it will be hard for anyone to believe that it is a 2008 model Maruti Swift. The finished product looks like a brand new Swift that has just rolled out of the production line.