Pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner transformed into brand-new Legender for Rs 2 lakh

Toyota launched the facelifted version of the Fortuner and the brand-new Legender in the Indian market earlier this year. The Legender, which is the more expensive but extremely aggressive looking and sporty looking is now available in the Indian market. With the rising prices of the Fortuner, customers are using kits to convert their old SUV to look like Legender. Here is one such video that shows pre-facelifted Fortuner converted into a brand-new Legender.

The work is done by Poona Motors. The video actually shows the work in progress and how the workshop transforms the old SUV to look like a brand-new Legender. The details of the price are not in the video but it costs around Rs 2 lakh.

The changes in the Fortuner include replacing the old bumper with the brand-new, aggressive-looking Legender’s bumper. Even the rear bumper is now new and with a splitter at the front and rear, it sure attracts a lot of eyes.

Now coming to the main change, Poona Motors has also upgraded the headlamps of the Fortuner. The Legender gets different looking headlamps and the units on this car look like the original units and not the copycats. Also, the grille is new and is inspired by the Legender.

With only the bumper, grille and headlamps, the regular pre-facelift Fortuner now looks like a Legender. These changes do not require any changes to the body of the vehicle as they can be fitted to the existing grooves.

Toyota Fortuner Legender

Pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner transformed into brand-new Legender for Rs 2 lakh

The Fortuner Legender is available only with one single variant. There is no 4X4 option available and only the automatic transmission is available with the Legender. It is priced at Rs 37.43 lakh, which makes it the most expensive variant.

Overall, the Legender remains similar to the Fortuner when it comes to the features but Toyota has added a wireless charging system, powered tailgate with a sweep feature. The Legender also gets a dual-tone paint job that makes it look sportier. The diesel variants get the 2.8-litre V-GD engine that generates a maximum power of 204 Bhp and 500 Nm of peak torque. The Legender is only available with a diesel engine.

Are such modifications illegal?

Such modifications are technically not illegal. Since the new parts are also OEM and are not made up of metal, there should be no problem at all. However, since there are not many Legender SUVs on the roads yet, cops may ask you questions about the modifications.

But upgrade ing the variant with added accessories are not illegal in India. Yes, the manufacturer may void the warranty of the electricals since there are aftermarket headlamp units installed in this vehicle. Other than that, there should be no problem at all.