Make every drive stylish with the feature-packed All-New Celerio


A car that has sold over 6 lakh units in well over half a decade in India must have something truly special. The Celerio, when it was launched back in 2014, had a slew of firsts to its credit. It was India’s first automated gearshift (AGS)  equipped car – a revolutionary offering back then. After setting such a high bar with the first-generation Celerio, Maruti Suzuki engineers have managed to raise the bar even higher with the 2nd generation model – the stylish new Celerio, which has just been launched in the Indian market. Why exactly do we think the stylish new Celerio is a big step up from the first gen model? Let us explain!

Looks as dashing as ever

The car features Maruti Suzuki’s 3D Organic Sculpted Design, which blends graceful body lines. While the car’s front is very inviting with a smiley grille, the bug-eyed headlamps and a sculpted bumper, the profile of the car gets a leg up with the 15-inch darkened alloy wheels and angular doors.  And this is exactly what the confident, young generation of India seek from their car’s design: stylish and spirited.

Always the game changer

Make every drive stylish with the feature-packed All-New Celerio

The heart of the matter in the stylish new Celerio is its Next Gen K10C petrol engine . The Dualjet petrol engine – with 66 Bhp power and 89 Nm torque outputs – boasts of two injectors per cylinder. These twin injectors per cylinder ensure stupendous throttle response while being smart enough to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize tailpipe emissions.

Another key highlight of this engine is the idle-stop system that not only maximizes fuel efficiency but also reduces tailpipe emissions, making the new Celerio one of the cleanest, greenest cars in its segment. These factors come together to make every drive in the all-new Celerio an exciting one – and this is exactly what the young and restless seek from their cars.

The proof is in the pudding

Clean and green means extremely fuel efficient. How much? 26.68* km/l to be precise, which makes the stylish new Celerio India’s most fuel-efficient petrol car**. And the best part is that this exceptional mileage can be had even in the AMT version. The AMT version of the all-new Celerio makes driving in the city a breeze, and the high fuel efficiency offered by the engine even in AMT trim is just what you need to beat the fuel price hikes. For those who want more thrills on the highway, the good old 5 speed manual gearbox is a good pick, and is available across every trim of the new Celerio.

A technological tour de force…

Make every drive stylish with the feature-packed All-New Celerio

While the 1st gen Celerio pioneered the AMT for India, the 2nd gen model goes a step further by offering hill hold assist with AMT. Hill hold is not just a convenience feature but something that greatly enhances safety. It stops the car from rolling back while driving off a slope, which can include hilly roads or even your office’s steep parking ramp. The all-new Celerio gets 12+ safety features such as dual airbags, ABS+EBD, reverse parking sensors, HEARTECT monocoque chassis that is made of high strength steel, child proof rear door locks, speed alerts, seat belt reminder, headlight leveling, pedestrian protection, immobilizer, ventilated front disc brakes and pre-tensioned seat belts. The long list of tech advancements in the new car include the SmartplayInfotainment system and the keyless entry system with push button start. The SmartplayInfotainment system pairs with both Android and Apple smartphones.







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