AWd abcd MG Hector Plus Minus

BE PART OF A NEW LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE Thonet & Vander has acheived a new level of excellence in home sound with KUGEL. So come and be a part of this new level of excellence in the world of sound.
This product converts your home into a semi-professional rehearsal room. Its acoustic structure, definition and power positions it in a privileged place within Hi-end sound.
Its made of HDAA Wood which is a natural polymer preventING vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.
It’s ergonomic controls are made of cutting edge materials, providing the user with a customizable listening experience. Precisely control the volume, bass, and treble for the best audio experience.
The Mesh Protective Shield allows drivers to be protected from any external damage. This ensures both the sound quality as well as the performance of the equipment.
The Bass Reflex system increases the bass response of the controller and optimizes the efficiency and performance of the low frequencies.
The 1 inch Silk Tweeter is a type of fiber known to be very light and sensitive, which allows the reproduction of high frequencies in a pure and crystalline way.