10 accessories for SUVs! – 2

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles have changed its definition over time, especially in the Indian market. With the rising demand for the SUVs, we can now spot many more SUVs on the roads than a few years ago. Well, if you’re also an SUV owner and are looking for accessories to make full use of the vehicle, here are a few most useful ones that we have found on the Internet. Do share more such useful accessories in the comment section.

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Hydraulic jack

SUVs are generally much heavier than the hatchbacks and sedans. If you puncture the tyre on the road, it can be a gruesome task to lift the SUV using the regular scissor jack. Here is a portable hydraulic jack that you can tuck in the boot and use it to lift the vehicle to repair a puncture or change the tyre. Hydraulic jacks require much less effort and can do the same task within minutes.

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Air bed

SUVs are designed to explore and if you’re someone who often takes out the car to weekend destinations, this inflatable bed right here will be quite useful and handy. This bed can fit in the rear seat of the vehicle and provide a decent cushioning to spend the night or take a power nap.
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Since SUVs are bigger in size, it can create a lot of blind spots on the road, which can turn out to be dangerous. Advanced features like the 360-degree camera can be quite expensive to install on the vehicle. Here are simple blind spot mirrors that can stick to the ORVMs and show you any vehicle that remains hidden from the view.

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Luggage carrier

Most SUVs come with the roof rails from the factory. They serve more purpose than just making the vehicle look muscular. You can install luggage carrier on them that can be removed anytime when not required.

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Portable fridge

Many SUVs offer a 12V charging socket in the boot that can be used to power such devices on the go. This 18-litre portable fridge can be very useful, especially to keep drinks and beverages cool during the hot summer season.

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Heavy-duty tyre inflator

Tyre inflators are very handy when the tyre punctures but you can also use them to reach extreme locations. SUVs offer better traction with reduced tyre pressure. Such heavy-duty pumps that can fill the air quickly can be used to refill the air when the road conditions become better.

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Traction mats

As the name says, the traction mats are used when the tyre does not get enough traction and keeps on rotating on the same spot. Such traction mats can be slipped below the tyre and the help the car come out of a sticky situation.

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Snow chain

Snow chains are very useful to find better traction on the snowy areas. There are numerous types of snow chains that you can find for your car. This one here can fit easily and can get you more traction instantly on slippery surfaces.

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Folding shovel

If you love to explore the unknown terrains, the SUV can be your best friend. However, there is a time when you can get stuck with no help in the nearby area. Here is a folding shovel that can be used to dig the surface and make the way clear for your SUV. Also, it can be used to remove the snow or mud when the vehicle is stuck.

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Tow straps

Tow straps are essentials when you need to be rescued or need to rescue someone. A good quality tow strap should be used to ensure that it does not breaks while pulling the other vehicle.

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